Elmhurst's Lil Babies

by Willis

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Third and final release. Thanks for listening all these years!


released May 6, 2016

Recorded by Grant Mitchell at York and in his basement
Mixed at Along the Way Studios
Mastered by Tim Flynn
Willis is Grant Mitchell, Liam Fisher, David Kociak and Kevin Latz
Good Ol' Forklift Jones




Willis Elmhurst, Illinois


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Track Name: Butterscotch Milk
Broke my nose and it's getting pretty stuffy
Penalty on life; unnecessary roughness
Not a fair game, the rules aren't reliable
Businessman tell you that his strategy's viable
Some ghosts remember how it felt to be alive
Some bees never forget their duty to the hive
Process is simple, fragile with care
Act normal, look average, cut and comb your hair

No GPS to call out for help
Don't cry too much and fake your best
Too much effort to navigate
I'd rather lay in my bed
Contemplate and concentrate
Never read it in a book
Cuz when you need new nursery rhymes, well baby
Come take a look

Going down smooth like butterscotch milk
Yeah, it's going down smooth
Going down smooth like butterscotch milk
Nothing smoother, nothing smoother

Broke my leg and it's getting hard to walk
If you can't walk the walk then you can't even talk the talk
The path is bumpy and there's no signs
Can't tell my right from left, I'm practically blind
The guard on the path asks me to check my eyes
I'm a verbal poacher spewing white, elephant lies
Now I'm crawling, crying spat for mind attacks
Don't tell me go to college cuz I haven't even packed


Track Name: Cicada Face
She removes my spine with the precision
Necessarily required by a nice pair of hips and a bright pink set of lips
I slip back into my shell
An ugly crustacean awaiting his ultimate fate set by your unquestioned authority

I'm a

Cicada Face with a nasty attitude
Breath like death and a twisted sense of humour
You come back for more and I don't get it
Don't want the thought in my head but I still let it
I give dandelion bouquets, I still kid's lemonade
Breath like death and horrible penmanship
You come back for more and I don't get it
Don't want the thought in my head but I still let it in

Track Name: My Cows
The cows are coming home as the prom bus arrives
Feeding on the grass of their reppa daily lives
But the prom looks as sweet as the corn-feed they're used to
Rocking out the drug addicts, hooked up by bluetooth
Stomping their own hooves and milking their own utters
Not just their lives but their souls are in the gutters
Played so many booze games they ran out of plastic cups
New slang turns scalawags to backgammon, cheap drugs

My, my cows cows cows
Track Name: Tiddlywinks Behind the Dumpster
Playing tiddlywinks with the boys behind the dumpsters after school
Man, you didn't know it then but what you're doing was very cruel
You were messing around, messing with a boy named Patrick
You screw me once, you're gonna screw me twice, you're gonna make it a screwing hat trick

Hey, what you did man, that hurt me on my inside
I won't cry in front of you, but I'll cry in my pillow tonight

Walk up in your face and you got your hair combed all nice
I'd show you my right hand, but it's swollen and I don't have any ice
So I'm the one stuck with my hands in my pockets like a fool
Buddy, it's not hard to make neanderthalic ladies drool

Track Name: Dazed and Glazed
Open up my eyes, dazed and glazed
Hoping there's donuts of the same taste
Bright eyes from the light can't stop me from dreaming
I'm staying in bed til my body's done sleeping


And it's just a lazy sunday afternoon
And we've got nothing to do
I'll sit on my comfy couch (comfy couch)
And eat junk food til my teeth rot out
So come on and just get sleepy now

Got the shades pulled, loving the darkness
No one taught me to love the peace and quiet
Don't want no job, don't want any bills
Just wanna stay at home and sit very still



Now the sun is setting
On our fairy tale ending
Re-reading the book doesn't make it any easier
Not taking showers doesn't make me any sleazier
Got a lot planned and it only involves
Staying up late and not caring at all