Butterscotch Milk

from by Willis

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Broke my nose and it's getting pretty stuffy
Penalty on life; unnecessary roughness
Not a fair game, the rules aren't reliable
Businessman tell you that his strategy's viable
Some ghosts remember how it felt to be alive
Some bees never forget their duty to the hive
Process is simple, fragile with care
Act normal, look average, cut and comb your hair

No GPS to call out for help
Don't cry too much and fake your best
Too much effort to navigate
I'd rather lay in my bed
Contemplate and concentrate
Never read it in a book
Cuz when you need new nursery rhymes, well baby
Come take a look

Going down smooth like butterscotch milk
Yeah, it's going down smooth
Going down smooth like butterscotch milk
Nothing smoother, nothing smoother

Broke my leg and it's getting hard to walk
If you can't walk the walk then you can't even talk the talk
The path is bumpy and there's no signs
Can't tell my right from left, I'm practically blind
The guard on the path asks me to check my eyes
I'm a verbal poacher spewing white, elephant lies
Now I'm crawling, crying spat for mind attacks
Don't tell me go to college cuz I haven't even packed




from Elmhurst's Lil Babies, released May 6, 2016




Willis Elmhurst, Illinois


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