Dazed and Glazed

from by Willis

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Open up my eyes, dazed and glazed
Hoping there's donuts of the same taste
Bright eyes from the light can't stop me from dreaming
I'm staying in bed til my body's done sleeping


And it's just a lazy sunday afternoon
And we've got nothing to do
I'll sit on my comfy couch (comfy couch)
And eat junk food til my teeth rot out
So come on and just get sleepy now

Got the shades pulled, loving the darkness
No one taught me to love the peace and quiet
Don't want no job, don't want any bills
Just wanna stay at home and sit very still



Now the sun is setting
On our fairy tale ending
Re-reading the book doesn't make it any easier
Not taking showers doesn't make me any sleazier
Got a lot planned and it only involves
Staying up late and not caring at all


from Elmhurst's Lil Babies, released May 6, 2016




Willis Elmhurst, Illinois


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